Balance and Bones Classes - Pilates for the elderly

Balance and Bones Classes

If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, you will obviously be concerned about your increased likelihood of having a fracture. If you have had a fracture your concern level about future injuries is probably even more heightened.

At Agility Physiotherapy and Pilates we are running group exercise classes that are targeted at bones. Our classes are also designed to keep you motivated, are a fun and social format and are cost effective.

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Them Bones, them Bones…

Osteoporosis (OP), as many of you are aware, is a disease that affects your bones. It results in a loss of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) which is the amount of minerals (primarily calcium) in your bones.  This leads to weak bones that are often prone to fracture. Here we talk about what causes OP and what we can do to prevent and manage the disease.

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NEW TREATMENT for Chronic Tendon Pain

Tendinopathies are usually associated with overuse in sport or work. The aging population is also more prone to tendon tears and tendinopathies as their tissues become more fragile and the circulation to them isn’t what it was when they were younger.

We have just purchased a new machine that is showing great promise with the treatment of chronic tendinopathies.

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Headaches—Can Physio help?

Written by Belinda Breust, B App. Sc (Phty)

Did you know that has defined headaches that come on after eating Chinese food as, “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome headache”?

Not surprisingly, physiotherapy can’t help with that type of headache, but can it be of assistance in treating other headaches that have a musculoskeletal origin? The answer is yes…we think!

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