At Agility Physiotherapy and Pilates we are now offering individual and group Pilate’s sessions run by our Physiotherapists. These sessions facilitate core stability, proprioception, motor planning, bilateral integration and crossing the midline, and general strength and mobility.

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Agility Barre

Agility BarreTM is a cardio based exercise class that guarantees you a fun and fantastic leg and glute workout at the same time. The Agility BarreTM repertoire is greatly inspired by both the Pilates method and principles (concentration, control, centring, flow, breath and precision) and ballet positions. There are many names for these types of classes – booty barre, pure barre workout, barre ballet classes, barre attack, etc. Whatever you choose to call them, the concept is the same. Fun and fitness!

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Pilates Matwork

Offering daily pilates matwork classes in our Bulimba clinic Agility Physiotherapy and Pilates is quickly becoming the go-to place for mat pilates classes in Brisbane! Our small mat classes are run by our tertiary qualified exercise physiologists or physiotherapists and last 60 minutes.

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Pregnancy Pilates Classes in Brisbane

We offer a safe and effective environment for our pregnancy pilates classes or “Preglates™” making sure you’re exercising to your abilities and keeping you and your baby healthy and happy.

Designed by Physiotherapists and conducted by our talented Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologists, we aim to help you maintain fitness and prepare for upcoming childbirth.

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