Back pain management

Physiotherapy for back pain - you shouldn't have to put up with suffering - call today. 

It’s simple – our clients choose us time and time again because we help them manage their pain and in many cases help remove pain and discomfort from their lives. You shouldn't have to live with chronic back pain and you don’t have to. Call us today on 3862 2322.

We specialise in back pain physio

One of our key specialties is back pain treatment and rehabilitation. We have a wide range of customers approach us because we offer a more comprehensive approach to chronic and episodic back pain. We do this by going through a thorough assessment process with every client. This is then looked over by a team of consultants that help us create a personalised treatment plan.
This combined with our clinical Pilates programs ensures clients have specific programmes developed especially for them. With ongoing treatment and the building of core strength we see many customers walk and move with a smile on their face. 

How we approach physiotherapy treatment for back pain

Management may commence with hands on treatment with techniques such as spinal joint mobilizations or manipulations, deep tissue muscle releases and massage, dry needling of active trigger points, stretches and strengthening exercises.
In many cases for clients with serious pain states or recurrent injuries, the pain has caused muscle inhibition and they have core strength deficits and postural issues. If you are one of these clients you need a thorough assessment to determine the specific strength deficits, and a rehabilitation programme to correct these strength deficits.
We use real time ultrasound feedback to examine and teach you about your deep stabilizing musculature. Starting a Clinical Pilates programme is the ideal way to specifically retrain the muscles that need to be reactivated.

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