Hands on physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in Brisbane with a hands-on approach

Many people look for a physiotherapist with a hands on approach as they find there’s a more thorough examination of their physical abilities (or limitations) and a greater success in finding the underlying cause of their pain.Our professional Brisbane-based physiotherapists bring results-orientated physiotherapy techniques to the table resulting in happier patients from all over Brisbane!

Thorough assessments lead to better outcomes for you

When taking on a new patient, our hands on physiotherapists will evaluate your requirements and decide on a range of different treatments that could include:-
Spinal or Joint Mobilizations
This is moving or mobilising the joints and spine to enhance or restore joint function. Spinal and joint mobilisations can greatly decrease localised pain and assist in mobility into the future. 

Muscle Trigger Point Releases
Simply put, trigger point releases help to ‘release’ muscles and adhesions (what are adhesions?) making your body and muscles move more fluidly. 
Exercise Therapy
We will discuss with you a range of exercises that can be completed to assist and sometimes speed up your recovery.
Dry needling (Western acupuncture)
Using either solid Filiform needles or hollow-core hypodermic needles, we can help with pain related to myofascial pain and muscle pain. 
Sports, Supportive or Kinesiology Taping
A great way to help support injured muscle groups – our sports, supportive or kinesiology taping offers relief to patients in pain and discomfort. 
A home exercise programme is often an essential component of your full recovery and the design of this is included in your treatment and management.


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