Knee pain

Here at Agility Physio and Pilates we take a thorough and comprehensive approach to knee pain. We conduct a rigorous assessment and take your personal history into account (be it work, sport or injury) to determine when and how your knee problems may have started.

Some knee pain occurs due to an obvious traumatic event, other pain can often be caused by a slow onset due to muscle imbalances or muscle weakness. Many customers come to us with knee pain after the following activities or for the following reasons:-


  • squatting
  • cycling
  • running
  • sitting
  • lunges
  • sports
  • crossing legs
  • arthritis
  • a fall
  • ankle injury
  • achilles tendonitis
  • aerobics
  • bike riding
  • being overweight
  • bowling
  • bad shoes
  • back injury
  • burpees
  • climbing stairs
  • crouching
  • carrying toddler
  • crutches
  • driving manual
  • dancing
  • dehydration
  • diabetes
  • desk job
  • doing lunges
  • hockey
  • hip injury
  • hiking
  • hip problem
  • indoor soccer
  • incline on treadmill
  • ice skating
  • inactivity
  • jumping rope
  • jogging
  • jogging on treadmill
  • jumping jacks
  • jiu jitsu
  • jazzercise
  • muscle imbalance
  • marathon
  • martial arts
  • mountain biking
  • misaligned hips
  • muay thai
  • new running shoes
  • pinched nerve
  • prolonged sitting
  • pinched nerve in back
  • playing tennis
  • quadricep weakness
  • joint pain from quitting smoking
  • pulled quad
  • work







Knee Pain Treatment Plan

Treatment and management may include muscle releases, taping, graded strengthening and a home exercise programme that will help you to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling and also speed up recovery time. Knee surgery rehabilitation We can assist with graded rehabilitation after knee surgery.

Utilizing Clinical Pilates we can offer closed chain, safe exercises for early stage rehabilitation of your knee and gradually progress you to restoration of full function and return to work or sport. While your knee is healing we also ensure that you are not getting weaker in other nearby areas such as losing pelvic stability.


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