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Physiotherapy for neck pain - Stiff and sore? Call us today.

Neck pain is one of those debilitating conditions that are difficult for other people to understand unless they’ve experienced this type of pain themselves. With more people leading sedentary lifestyles and working at desks for extended periods of time, we’re finding more and more clients are talking to us about physio for neck and shoulder pain. 

Did you know? 

Not all neck pain comes from a specific injury.

In an age with increased computer usage, poor postural habits can be formed due to many hours at a desk. This causes muscle imbalances as we favour different sides of our bodies for different tasks (using one hand for the mouse as an example). These imbalances and poor positions progressively lead to muscle tightness, joints jamming and eventually pain. This is when most clients need to call us.
If you’re in pain please call 3862 2322 (Albion) or 3399 2244 (Bulimba) to book in an appointment. 

How we approach physiotherapy for neck pain

First we go through a thorough examination process where we will create a detailed treatment plan that will assess posture and joint dysfunction.
Our neck pain physiotherapy treatment plans typically include a combination of the following treatments:-
  • mobilizations to stiff cervical joints
  • muscle releases with massage techniques
  • stretching and strengthening exercises 
  • correction of muscle imbalances 
  • and a focus on better posture.
Strengthening and stretching exercise are also an important part of the management of neck pain. We can offer a home exercise programme or a client specific Pilates programme that you can perform at one of our Pilates studios with supervision from our university trained staff.

Worried your workspace is contributing to your neck pain?

Ergonomic advice and if necessary a worksite assessment can be arranged – please call 3862 2322 (Albion) or 3399 2244 (Bulimba) to book in an appointment. 


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