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Sciatica Sufferer

Typically Sciatica sufferers have a pain that radiates from the back down towards or into the leg. This can present itself as a sharp pain that will take your breath away through to a dull ache that can continue hurting throughout the day and night with no relief. 

What causes Sciatica?

There are many reasons we think patients will have conditions that cause sciatica, however the most common cause is pressure onto a nerve by a bulging disc or other soft tissue of a bony impingement. 

How do you diagnose Sciatica?

It is important that a diagnosis is made quickly to determine the extent of your injuries and to ensure that further nerve or spinal injury doesn’t happen.  

Will Sciatica physio treatment help me?

Scans are a fast and precise way to see if the injury is due to soft tissue pressure at the spinal level. If this is the case a strengthening programme to offer support and assist with core stability is the preferred first option.

What about cases of severe pain?

In cases of severe pain we may recommend that you see a doctor who specialises in back pain to determine the best course of action for you. 
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