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Helping Brisbane athletes get back on track

Our goal is to offer a modified training programme that you can complete whilst your injury is healing. This will get you back on track and into your game quicker.

Jenny Birckel is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist with many years of experience with a wide range of sports. Her team of physiotherapists share the same thorough approach to assessing and treating your injury.

Sports injury physiotherapy treatment will consist of a thorough assessment to identify causing factors and the extent of your injury. Then a hands-on treatment and graded strengthening programme will be implemented for you.

Networking with Sports Doctors

We can refer you to a specialist sports physician should you require more comprehensive tests or scans or specialised sports medicine treatment to assist your recovery.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Serious or recurrent sports injuries require an approach that includes strengthening specific weaknesses that have developed due to the injury and the time off sport.
We can accelerate your return to sport by offering client specific Pilates Programme that gently and progressively load injured tissue as it is healing. The programme will also aim to keep the rest of the body as strong as possible so you can fast track your return to sport.
Pilates is not just for dancers and broken clients with bad back pain. We have many elite athletes who regularly come to our studios for their specific Pilates programmes. Their sports include tennis, swimming, dance, sailing, netball, rowing, cricket, rugby, soccer. They perform Pilates for that performance edge over their competition, to reduce the occurrence of injury, to ensure that they are performing optimally in the trunk co-ordination and control aspects of their body. They report less injuries and a faster recovery if an injury does occur.

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