Whiplash treatment and rehabilitation through physiotherapy


We’re all familiar that whiplash is a common injury from car accidents or a forceful jolt making the head move back forcefully and suddenly. What many people aren't familiar with is the symptoms of whiplash. These are characterised by:-
  • an initial phase of a considerable pain in the neck region
  • muscle spasm
  • limited joint range
  • headaches
  • pain between the shoulder blades
  • dizziness, or
  • ringing in the ears
Ligaments and tendons usually undergo some degree of tearing and joints are wrenched and damaged in these injuries. This can lead to ongoing problems and pain if not treated properly. 

What are some other symptoms of whiplash?

Contemporary research also points to pain inhibition of important deep neck muscles that normally control fine neck movement and neck stability. If these aren't performing well your neck will feel tired, your head will seem to be too heavy for your body and more superficial muscles will go into damage control tightening, jamming the joints and going into spasm.

What is a whiplash physiotherapy assessment?

This is a simple case of having one of our whiplash treatment physiotherapists thoroughly examine your injuries and find out what muscle groups, ligaments and tendons have been damaged and to what extent.  

We will create a whiplash injury physiotherapy management plan for you

We can assist with early pain relief and then assist you to regain joint mobility and to start work on strengthening the weak neck musculature as soon as possible to restore your body to optimal level of strength and function.  Back and postural muscles are also strengthened meaning an overall approach to your health and your recovery. 
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