Pre- natal exercise

Pregnancy is an important time to maintain good exercise habits. You may be asking yourself “is it safe to exercise when pregnant?” It is important to ensure that the exercise you undertake is appropriate, as the shape of your body and the way you move is constantly changing and joint laxity (looseness) is affected by hormones.

Why our approach to pregnancy exercise is so popular
At Agility, we offer individually tailored Pilates equipment programs to suit any stage of pregnancy. We also offer Preglates mat work classes and can give you advice regarding other forms of suitable exercise with injury prevention and safety in mind.


Post natal exercise

Exercise after pregnancy... is it ok?
After giving birth, a gradual and guided return to exercise is again recommended to prevent injury. Both Equipment and Mat Pilates are excellent ways to gently recruit your abdominals, pelvic floor and other stabilising musculature before returning to your previous exercise level.

Motherhood can be quite demanding – at Agility we believe maintaining good exercise habits is important to help you make the most of this special time and enjoy it at your physical best. Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists will work with you after your pregnancy to set safe exercise goals for this new chapter in your life.


Pre and Post natal pelvic and back pain treatments

During and after pregnancy the low back and sacroiliac joint is under progressive strain due to increased changes in centre of body weight and ligament laxity due to hormones so women are typically looking for the best treatment for sacroiliac joint pain. We can assist you with exercises to assist with strengthening and stability. If necessary we can also assist you with fitting a sacroiliac / back supporting belt to assist with support.

Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor muscles are too often forgotten, but they are an integral component of our stabilising musculature. The pelvic floor muscles work to maintain continence, stabilise the pelvis and lumbar spine and of course play an important role in childbirth and pregnancy. They work in synergy with your deep abdominals to achieve this. Our physiotherapists are able to help you learn how to use these muscles as part of treatment or exercise prescription.


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