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Welcome to Agility Physiotherapy and Pilates where a commitment to strength, flexibility and balance is incorporated into our ethos. We have a wonderful group of trained and accredited Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists on hand to provide a range of different Pilates services.

More importantly our classes are friendly, fun and inclusive and we ensure the team at Agility Physiotherapy and Pilates go out of their way to make every class the best one you’ve had.

As well as running classes we also train many pilates instructors and teachers so you know that when you come here, you’re working with the best.

Here’s an outline of the services we offer.


Pilates Classes
We run Pilates at both our Brisbane clinics (Albion and Bulimba) but have many customers travel to us from the following suburbs Ascot, Clayfield, Lutwyche, Bowen Hills, Hamilton, Newstead, Wooloowin, Eagle Farm, Spring Hill, Gordon Park, Newmarket, Kelvin Grove and Red Hill.

Barre Classes
Our Barre fitness classes (sometimes called booty barre, pure barre workout, barre ballet classes, barre attack, etc) are becoming increasingly popular in our Albion and Bulimba studios and with the results our clients get we can certainly see why!

Increase your cardio fitness and improve your posture today!
Find out more about our Barre Classes

Clinical Pilates
Popular with our customers that have suffered an injury from sports, accident or dance our clinical pilates classes are held in both our clinics (Albion and Bulimba). A great way to build strength, muscle tone and balance our clinical pilates classes are held during the day and some afternoons / evenings.

Albion Pilates Timetable
Bulimba Pilates Timetable


Matwork Classes
If you’re wanting to tone and tighten your core then a matwork class is for you! Lasting 1 hour you will come out of our sessions feeling rejuvenated, worked and feeling great about yourself. Sign up for a class today by contacting us on 3399 2244 to book in a session.


Pregnancy Pilates Classes
If you’re expecting then come along to one of our specifically designed PreglatesTM classes that will keep you and your bump healthy and happy.

Pregnancy Pilates classes are held in our Bulimba clinic. Call 3399 2244 to book a class.


Children’s Pilates Classes
Getting your kids involved in pilates is a great way to help them gain control of their bodies, their balance and their strength. Kids who come along to our pilates classes see an improvement in their posture and strength, improved abilities in the playground and on the sporting field.


Pilates for Teens
As teenagers move through the transition to adulthood it can be a confusing and trying time. Learning to control their bodies and learn about strength, balance and muscle control can help them to concentrate on the sports field, in the dance studio and help them to relax in times of stress.

Call us today on 3399 2244 (Bulimba) to book a session for your teenager or to find out more!



History of Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise named after its founder Joseph Pilates.
Joseph PilatesJoseph, being a German national living in England, was interned in a prisoner of war camp during WW1. He had a strong interest in physical exercise so he set about trying to assist injured prisoners with rehabilitation of their injuries. He resorted to using springs from hospital beds for gentle resistance exercises. The traditional Pilates Trapeze table (also called the Cadillac) resembles closely a typical old fashioned traction bed.
After the war Joseph moved to New York and further developed his ideas opening a studio in close proximity to many dance studios. He worked here until his death in 1967.

How does Pilates merge with current health research?

Joseph PilatesJoseph Pilates recognised the importance of using the inner core muscles he called these the 'powerhouse' and recognised the importance of continuous light contraction of these muscles during exercise and activity. Physiotherapists have taken contemporary research into core stability and applied this to traditional Pilates repertoire.
Today's modern research into back pain and the cause of this is continuing to reinforce his philosophies, as researchers are finding weakness and poor firing patterns in the deep spinal stabilizing musculature. Transverse abdominals and multifidis are often the cause of back pain when performing manual handling tasks. Poor outcomes after back pain and recurrent episodes of back pain have also been found to be closely related to insufficient rehabilitation and ongoing weakness in the core.
Our sister company, The Pilates Institute of Queensland trains physiotherapists and other health professionals in Pilates with a clinical rehabilitation slant. Our courses are accredited with the Australian Physiotherapy Association, ESSA and Fitness Australia. All our staff have undertaken this training giving them the expertise to assess and design client specific Pilates programmes

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