How is Pilates applicable to today's exercise?

We practice Clinical Pilates but it all began with Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) He worked with dancers and injured clients in New York and recognised the importance of using the inner core muscles he called these the 'powerhouse' and recognised the importance of continuous light contraction of these muscles during exercise and activity.

Today's modern research into back pain and the cause of this is continuing to reinforce his philosophies, as researchers are finding weakness and poor firing patterns in the deep spinal stabilizing musculature. Weakness in transverse abdominals and multifidis are often the cause of back pain when performing manual handling tasks. Poor outcomes after back pain and recurrent episodes of back pain have also been found to be closely related to insufficient rehabilitation and ongoing weakness in the core.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Our Clinical Pilates is practiced by physiotherapists using traditional Pilates techniques combined with contemporary scientific knowledge and research. Our Pilates classes have exercise options suitable for all ages from 8-90 years and all level of activity. This means no matter your fitness level or your age you can enjoy one of our Brisbane Pilates Classes.

We offer individual assessments in order to create a personal program of specific exercises to correct muscle imbalances, rehabilitate an injury or refine a particular technique or skill and our dance and sports experience means we cater for everyone from the casual exerciser to elite athletes

Select Pilates that is suitable for your body, your injuries and dysfunctions

Clinical Pilates – Client specific programming for injury, poor posture, pain, surgical recovery or high level sporting performance

This involves a detailed musculoskeletal assessment with one of our physiotherapists to determine what strength deficits you have and any areas of tightness that are affecting your movement or causing pain. After your assessment we will design a client specific programme to improve your strength and flexibility and restore your body to optimal function whether your goals are to reduce pain, be more flexible or attain optimal function or sporting performance. Your programme will commence with one on one sessions with your physiotherapist. When you feel more confident with your programme you can join group Clinical Pilates sessions. Here you will be working on your programme in a group setting supervised by one of our Pilates trained physiotherapists.

Studio equipment offers a wider variety of safe early rehabilitative exercises as it is closed chain exercise (the arms and legs are in contact with equipment). More precision and control is achieved by the client. Equipment can also offer very advanced exercises and is now utilized by many elite sportsmen and women to gain that training edge or to rehabilitate from sports injuries.

Surgical recovery with Pilates

We specialise in carefully graded programmes to assist your recovery from back and neck surgery, joint replacement surgery, joint reconstructions, cancer surgery or other major surgeries that have left you physically weak. Our physiotherapists design you a graded programme and carefully monitor your programme.  

Teen Pilates equipment classes

Many teenagers experience musculoskeletal pain as they increase their sports performance or carry heavy bags to school and spend many hours sitting. At the same time they are going through growth spurts and developing muscle imbalances. Our teen Pilates classes on Pilates Equipment assists with core strength, posture, stretching and deep body strengthening.  

Great for teenagers experiencing

  • Growth spurts
  • Hypermobility
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Postural deterioration
  • Headaches and migraines


Mums and Bubs Classes

Do you want to get back into exercise after childbirth, but can’t find a babysitter?

These classes are specifically designed for post-natal recovery and are run by one of our physiotherapists. Just bring your baby along in their pram and join the class, and you can work out on our Pilates equipment (Reformers, Trap tables and Wunda Chairs). Health fund rebates are available


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