Rebecca Fechner (nee Thurecht) B.Phty

After spending many childhood and early adult years training as a dancer, Rebecca developed a keen interest in health and movement studies, hence her choice of a career as a physiotherapist. She studied at the University of Queensland where she was strongly influenced by the leading researchers in the world for core stabilisation training.Considering this influence and her history in dance, Rebecca decided to steer her career in the direction of rehabilitation and performance enhancement through core stability training, that is, Pilates.

About Bec

Rebecca has worked in numerous hospitals and private practices with a specialty in Pilates rehabilitation, in both the UK and Australia. Her passion is helping clients to achieve optimal physical function, whether it be elite athletes or clients with neurological dysfunction. Having recently had 3 children and expecting a third, she also has a keen interest in pre and post natal treatment and exercise as well as paediatric physiotherapy management of gross motor delay.

In 2008, Rebecca also joined the team at The Pilates Institute of Queensland where she very much enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates with others as a course educator.