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Physiotherapists are university trained health care professions and we aim to maximise human movement, and rehabilitate clients restoring freedom from stress and pain. Physiotherapists assess the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction and implement treatments to restore optimal movement and function after illness or injury. All our physiotherapists are highly skilled in movement therapy with comprehensive post graduate training in Pilates and other movement therapy. We can improve quality of life through efficient movement. Treatments may involve combinations of manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, lifestyle advice, therapeutic exercise, education, dry needling and electro physical modalities. We will endeavour to maximise movement, functional potential and enhance your health.

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Why Agility?

Experienced Therapists

Our therapists boast of 100 years of combined experience

Lift Access Available

Our Ascot and Bulimba based clinics are easy to access for everyone

Trained Therapists

Our therapists are fully trained to highest standards

Personalised Treatment

Our treatment plans are tailored perfectly for you

Fully Equipped Clinic

Our clinic is fully equipped with the best equipment

Shockwave Therapy

We are specialists Shockwave Therapy for a swift recovery

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Meet Our Therapists

Jenny Birckel

Director / Therapist

Jenny has worked with a wide range of sports- rugby, soccer, netball, gymnastics, cricket, track and field. Jenny also has...

Andrea Maude

Senior Therapist

Andrea graduated from La Trobe University in 1994 and in 2001 completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from Curtin University...

Johanna Kaighin


Jo joined the practice earlier this year, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Physiotherapy News

Ankle Injury

The most common ankle injury is a sprain. A sprain occurs when a ligament, the tissue that joins bone to bone and helps stabilize...

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Benefits of weekly physio


What is Whiplash? Whiplash is a traumatic injury to the neck or back usually caused by a car or motor vehicle accident. Some...

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Osteoarthritis is a disease process that can affect any joint but most commonly affects the large, load-bearing joints such...

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